Happiness comes from the ability to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed. - Storm Jameson  
performance A soul not cloaked in inner love is cold from shame. - Rumi performance
Workshops & Shows
performance Put a little hitch in yer gittalong! performance "Dance" - to move with measured steps; to move rythmically; to caper performance My pictures are nothing, and melted Away, though I shape them at every moment - Rumi performance Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breath more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more, and all good things will be yours. - Swedish proverb performance Provide me your inspiration so that I might see mine - Rumi

Drain out your desire till the cup carries grace, There is no one there looking back. Look only here. - Rumi

Nanna's premiere Instructional DVD is here!!
Technique & Choreography
Nanna explains the fundamentals in optimizing and maintaining full and lucid shimmies, clear crisp accents, fast paced footwork, and exhilarating rhythmic combinations. A thorough breakdown of basic movements is intended to introduce the steps to beginning dancers. And a sophisticated approach to subjects such as muscle control, proper alignment, and proper distribution of strength aid in defining and perfecting movement for dancers of all levels.

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Your body is not separate from the body of the universe because at quantum mechanical levels there are no well-defined edges.
You are like a wiggle, a wave, a fluctuation, a convolution, a whirlpool, a localized disturbance in the larger quantum field.
The larger quantum field - the universe - is your extended body ~ Chopra

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Sunday October 13
Berkeley Street Festival
Nanna & Troupe Maya perform @ 12:30
Hosted by Zatar Restaurant
1981 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley Ca.


Sunday November 3
Al Masri
Terry Del Giorno & Nanna C join forces to present a spectacular line-up of dancers!
Featuring live music by the Pasha Band
All you can eat buffet serving authentic Egyptian cuisine
Doors 6:00, Show 7:00
Reservations: (415) 876-2300
4031Balboa Street, San Francisco 94121


Sunday November 17
Zatar Restaurant
Dinner Show
Featuring live music by Mary Ellen Donald (drum) & Sarah Michaels (kanoun)
& Belly Dance by Nanna C
Taste the worlds finest eclectic Mediterranean cuisine
Reservations 841-1981
1981 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley Ca.


Sunday November 24
A Happy Trails Celebration
American Cabaret Workshop 3:30 to 5:00 - $30 early bird, $40 after Nov 1
For detail & registration contact Wendy at wendyhips@gmail.com
Doors 6:30 - Show 7:00
Both workshop & show at Ashkenaz - 1317 San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley Ca



Performance DVDs for Sale

By Dancers for Dancers Vol 1 - $19.95

By Dancers for Dancers Vol 2 - $24.95