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As a full time dancer Nanna Candelaria cultivated her performance skills through extensive experience entertaining in restaurants, nightclubs, and a multitude of public and private events. Nanna teaches students of all levels locally in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland, and offers master workshops to dance communities beyond the Bay Area.

Her understanding of dance is credited to teachers with a range of styles and influences, including: Nadia Hamdi, Shareen El Safy
, Eva Cernik, Suzanna Del Vecchio, Cassandra, Suhaila Salimpour, and her first primary teacher, Mary Ann Thompson. Though Belly Dance is her principal genre, her study and involvement in dance includes: Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Afro-Cuban, and West African Dance.

As a teacher and performer she delights inspiring and impassioning others through dance.
accepted into the

Accepted into the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival as a soloist in 1997,
and with
her two dance ensembles in 1999 and 2000.

Toured with ensemble in the 2000 International Cultural Festival in Beijing, China.

Called on to join judge panels for belly dance competitions
such as
Belly Dancer of the Year and Queen of the Bay.

Lectured and demonstrated in symposiums for State Colleges
such as: UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and Mills College.

She, and master drummer
Mary Ellen Donald
currently demonstrate Middle Eastern music and dance to public and private schools
Young Audiences of Northern California.

Read " How much do you charge?" an article by Nanna @ GILDED SERPENT archives
with other related articles at

From many years ago (I believe at a babyshower) I remember you to be one of the most elegant and down-to-earth belly dance artists/teacher I had met! I hope you are dancing your heart out and are healthy and happy.
With love and respect ~aliah.
Aliah Najmabadi

Nanna has always given a brilliant show each time I've seen her. Her costumes are breathtakingly elegant & her dance ethereal. Did I mention her zills are spot on? She's worth seeing as often as possible.
Highly recommend her classes too.

Nanna has been my highest source of inspiration for the past year and a half. She is a brilliant dancer. I hope everyone gets the chance to see her. One of the things I admire about her is that she keeps her dance "simple" and "pure". When you watch her, you simply see beautiful belly dance. Not jazz/belly dance, or ballet/belly dance (not that there is anything wrong with that). Although, come to think of it, she might incorporate some African dance moves. Well, whatever she does or doesn't do, she rocks!

I have studied with Nanna - she is fantastic. Private lessons with her is money well spent. She has been a well kept secret, not marketing herself much in the past. It would drive me nuts to know how wonderful she is and how she wasn't world famous! I'm so glad that Sandra finally made her a website!

I took classes with Nanna years ago, she was one of my first teachers, and I think she is an amazing dancer. She is so fluid and creative with her movement. It was always a joy to watch her. I am especially excited that my troupe has invited her to Santa Cruz to teach a drum solo workshop later this month. I can't wait to take a class from her again.
Jalilah Felice

I'm Glad there are others out there who agree! I've been telling people about Nanna since I first saw her perform in 1994. We were excited to have her here at my studio in a show/Workshop in New Mexico!<(An ASP)Ancient Art Studio roductions> I am always mesmerized by her!!!!!and know she will eventually gain the recognition she deserves!!!Don't forget us Nanna!!LOVE SELENAKAREENA
Selena Kareena

I agree 100%...Nanna is incredible...nice person too..
Alkai Silks